Pixador - DoFollow PR4 Social Bookmarking Site - Attend Tax Lien Sales Program to Choose Best Property Investment http://www.pixador.net/News/attend-tax-lien-sales-program-to-choose-best-property-investment/ IRS regularly checks the tax paid reports for every property. If someone has an outstanding tax amount that did not pay within the required date, they will issue a lien on the property. Now, this property is a delinquent property. IRS sold these kinds of property to the investors for a temporary period of 1 year in the auction process. Investors attend this program to invest by choosing the best property for them to get a huge profit. They need to pay the pending tax amount and penalties. Government Tax Lien Network is a tax lien investment education company provides active liens to get traini... Thu, 14 Feb 2019 09:49:19 UTC en