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Remote control facilities: Technology has made these fixtures much more advanced. Now-a-days, these fans come with remote control facilities. With these facilities you can change the speed and mode of the fan from anywhere of your room.
Usually homeowners assume that five blades means better air movement, circulation and less cooling costs. But in reality, it is a misconception and all that the five blades do is, just add to the aesthetic appeal.
The larger the room size, larger should be the fan sizes or fan blades sizes from 42’’ to 52’’, depending on the room size. Also, you can consider more than one fan in a large hall type of drawing and living rooms. Kitchens and bathrooms can have portable ceiling fans of around 30’’ or even the wall mounted ones.

A right size bladed can ensure better circulation for a room. Also, we should not expect small blades to circulate air in a large room. Even today many a time people use fans instead of ACs and Coolers due to its ease of use and simple maintenance and handling factors.
It will work as an advantage apart from the cooling effect and the fan will offer you the ability to illuminate the room itself. Most of the contemporary ceiling fans have light and you can customize it according to the convenient option.
All these bad odours that produce from our daily wastes or daily tasks insides our houses are not healthy and are counted in the category of pollutants, which can affect our health and build toxins in our body.
Never settle for any star rating below 5 while buying the products. The salesman will try to convince you a lot at this juncture to go for lower star ratings, but you have to insist only upon 5 star rated products.
Ortem Fans is one of the leading companies in India producing high quality products for both Indian and global markets. The company offers these world-class products both online and offline. For offline buyers, it has a very good network of dealers and suppliers across the country to provide customers with perfect ease of buying even in the remotest parts of the nation.
There are companies in India that produce world-class products to serve all your purposes. The product of these companies come with excellent after-sales support, extended warranty, only copper-wire-made motors along with 5 star rating. If you want to buy them in bulk, then also the local dealer will offer you an exclusive deal on these fans.
Branding value always matters more than anything else when it comes to buying a high quality fan. Always opt for the products of a well-known company that offers the best after-sales support and free installation services.
Remember that your monthly consumption of electricity depends upon the wattage capacity of the equipment installed.
Apart from that, when it comes to the size of the fan, you should select according to the size of a room for optimum efficiency. Usually, fans with the diameter of 29” to 36” are ideal for the rooms that measures 75 square feet and for rooms up to 144 square feet should have fans with sizes 36” to 42” and 50” to 54” for the rooms with the dimensions of up to 255 square feet.
There are also fans available with the uplights and downlights and it’s up to the users to chose and has bright lights shining down into the room or can opt for the lighting with beams directed upwards.
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