Count On The Things That Even Money Can't Buy

The world today has placed its roots in the soil of counterfeit. It gets amused by those things which just provide them with materialistic feelings or sentiments.

Since they have spread their roots in this soil, the trees which are growing in the form of humans are also providing the fruit of fakeness. Fake love, fake respect, fake concern, everything seems to be a lie.

Everything seems to be a lie- What makes me think that?

Okay, a lot of you would say it is not true. We do love our family, our friends, our partners, our country. We have our love for everything. How can you even say that? Right.

Well, being able to say that because it is true. How? Let me explain.

You say you love your family, friends, love, right. Just keep your hand on your heart and ask yourself, do you?

Guys, keep one thing in your mind, your love if it is true, it just needs your time and your presence. It will never ask you anything more than that.

Just ask a question to yourself. Let me make this easier for you. I have different questions for you guys according to your ages:

High school kids-

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, tell me one thing that fascinates you? A lot of them will answer bikes, cars, gadgets, maybe a girl with good looks.

And girls will definitely go for clothes, stylish bags, accessories, makeup and it will make you offended but it is true except for some, boys with expensive bikes or cars. Correct me if I am wrong.

Do you really think all these fascinations will stay for your whole life?

People working day night-

Okay, you guys definitely work hard to fulfil your family’s needs and to make their dreams come true. But this is not the thing every earning man or woman of the house does.

If you are having a dine out with your colleagues or having some office party, you definitely don’t miss out on that. You tell your family members that it’s the part of my work, I have to go.

But when it’s your child’s or wife’s or one of your parent’s occasion, you sometimes tell them to compromise with the time. Why so? If your family can compromise for your work routine, can’t your work also suffer sometimes?

People finding love, even someone is waiting at home to get and give them love

Today, the word extramarital affair has become very common. Why even having a mate at your house you are finding love out? This happens, both of them fight and things end up at divorce.

When our elders suggest to adjust and give the example of their times, that the rate of divorce at their time was low as compared to today. Their children give them some teachings on the modern world and justify their decision.

What our elders actually mean by adjustment

So, I am also from this generation where modern things are accepted over old and stable teachings. But being a combination of both am here to provide my contribution through this article to fill love in the world over money and other materialistic things.

By adjustment, our oldies don’t mean to accept the incorrect habits of your partner. Rather they mean to say that have a word with your partner.

Try to figure out those points leading to the argument or disfunction of the vehicle for which you both served as the front and back tyres and promised to maintain that after your marriage.

Guys, speak up. Let your partner know what you need from them.

Whether it’s mental or physical satisfaction or anything. Rather than keeping quiet and letting things going out of your hands like sand go and ask him or her what are the things which are not working out between us.

Small advice, guys don’t run behind money and good looks. It will come to you if you respect what you have.

What money can buy

Money can buy you food, but it can’t buy your mother who can feed you.

Money can buy a huge, luxurious bed but can’t buy you sleep.

Money can buy real estate for you, but it can’t make it “home”.

Money can buy you, beautiful girlfriends or boyfriends, but not true love.

Money can buy you a therapist to calm your mind, but not a father who will be the guiding star throughout your life, if you allow him.

So, instead of loving money and using people, start doing the opposite. You will definitely start living your life to the fullest. Because the money spent on someone is meaningless and genuinely when you spend your time with someone it’s just priceless. Try it out, you will not regret that.

Change your perspective: Because every bad thing definitely does something good

Guys, as we all know that our world is affected by this pandemic. We all may be cursing it because of its occurrence. But don’t you think that it brought us closer?

Now, the situation is people have to work from home. They have to manage their work along with their household chores.

In my view, maybe it’s God’s way to bring everyone closer and to bring out the love once again for each other. Rather than impressing someone by flaunting their cars or bikes or gadgets, there are a lot of lockdown love stories which is just based on simple and pure love.

Because they only communicated over phones. So, this teaches that love is just minimalistic, it just needs people to feel it and embrace it. It needs nothing else.

A small piece of advice at the last

I know it’s a bit hard in today’s world to love each other based on their qualities and the ways they express their love to you. That is why there are lots of videos on this forte only.

I will suggest that rather than immediately finding an alternative to your partner or finding some alternative to the real and hard-earned person in your life and going for easy people full of fakeness, just give yourself some time.

Think about their love, care, respect, and think that they do love you not your money. Also, try loving them truly. Otherwise, you will be just left with your porshe and iPhone and one huge real estate alone

“Spread love guys, the world needs it.”