Social Status Or You As A Human- What Makes You Much Wealthier?

Let me start with the point of what made me write this article? Actually, whenever you see a person needing help, rather than helping him or her, people start thinking a lot of weird things in their minds.

Some people take their step back if the needy is a beggar or a poor person wearing torn clothes and shoes. And, instead of that beggar if a person from a rich background needed help, people would not even think twice.

Many videos are actually made on social media platforms to never judge a book by its cover.

The videos teach that if a person is wearing a torn cloth or shoes, it does not mean that person is from a poor background. Maybe his or her clothes just got stuck somewhere and got ruptured.

Apart from videos from the social media platform, the article is based upon real wealthy people.

Not by the money, they carry in their pockets or a Lamborghini rather, they are wealthy by their principles, their behavior towards everyone, and many more.

Let’s find out how and why.

People judge people according to their social status!

As we all know, today if we ask to stand a person with expensive items and a person who is having mediocre items side by side, let me tell what will be the mindsets of both for each other.

The person owning a lavish car, two-three branded phones, wallet full of money will turn his or face seeing the common man, thinking he even not deserve to be standing by his or her side.

That person will never think of whether something is lacking in him or her, rather the individual will first judge the other person based on the looks, old modeled car, android phone, or maybe on his or her clothes.

On the other hand, the mediocre person will first try to make himself or, herself confident and comfortable to stand by the other person’s side. Rather than judging the other person based on his or her judgment of himself, this person may extend a hand of friendship too.

So, can you guys understand what is the main difference between a person with money and a person with principles?

A lot of time people with fewer belongings get bullied

You can see this thing happening in elementary schools, high schools, offices, and even in daily ongoing situations.

In Elementary Years:

Children who are in the elementary years of their school bully those classmates who are from middle class or poor background. They tease them based on their parent’s occupation.

They make them feel that they do not belong to that school, in which their parents have provided them admission through their hard-earned money burying their own wishes.

This makes a lot of students to deny to come to school. And you know what makes those bullies say those words, their family background who are poor in terms of principles.

In High Schools and Office Premises:

Actually, I have merged the two of them because a lot of inappropriate things that happen in both places based on social status are almost the same.

Students in high school get more importance and crowd around them based on their looks, expensive cars or bikes or phones they own. Also, these rich kids along with bullying, think that no one is at their level.

Similarly, in-office people prefer to talk to those individuals owning good looks or heavy bank balance, leaving behind people with genuine opinions and love and care.

People facing the social status drama in the ongoing roads

Just notice, when a person is driving his or her car {Old modeled} in a relaxed mood or a happy mood, a person having the newest model car will keep on honking like anything to remove the person from his or her way.

Okay, maybe I am wrong. He or she will be having some genuine reason behind this, right. The person may be in a hurry to reach somewhere. It may be an urgent meeting or an occasion or maybe to the hospital to see someone.

But I do not think there was any reason valid for the Lamborghini or Porsche Owner

You know why? If that person genuinely had some important work, he would have said sorry am in a hurry, late for a meeting or, whatever reason after the person in front of him gave him the passage.

Instead of apologizing or showing gratitude, that person said abusive words and told him how much his car costs.

The person deserved to be using the road I don’t think that.

Who to blame for this?

I think the fault is of the parents as well as our fault also. Let me explain.

Parents definitely play a vital role in growing up of their children, whether they are rich or poor.

For the Parents or Guardians:

For the well to do family, it is my concerned advice, instead of providing them expensive toys or clothes or shoes, teach them values which will stay with them forever.

Try to teach them the principle of equity. Tell them to make friends everywhere. They should not judge or bully someone based on their background.

For us:

For us, we need to stop judging people on materialistic characteristics. Rather than looking at the person’s bank balance or looks or the vehicle he or she owns, look at that person’s heart.

Even if you see these things happening somewhere, be the one to stop that and make the wrong person understand that he or she is not wealthy rather the other one who must be quietly listening is much wealthier than him or her because that person possesses rich principles or values.

A beautiful quote for all you guys out hoping it will change your perspective to see the world around you:

” One day you will realize that material things mean nothing, all that matters is the well-being of the people in your life”