The French Laundry: For The Richie Rich’S (Pour Le Richie Rich)- By Laboni Karmakar

“When you acknowledge, as you must, that there is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it, then the real purpose of striving toward perfection becomes clear: To make people happy, that is what cooking is all about” quoted by Thomas Keller; Owner of French Laundry.

So, for those who are new to this amazing French cuisine eatery, it is located in Yountville, California, Napa Valley. Also, the restaurant building dates from 1900 and was added to the list of the National Register of Historic Places in the year 1978.

“Pour Le Richie Rich”- Why so?

Many of you would be having the query mentioned above. So, let me get your queries resolved. French Laundry is one of the restaurants providing uniqueness and awesomeness in its food as well as the service. But as the heading suggests; it’s much more suitable for Richie Rich’s of the world.

Let’s have a look at its menu. The French Laundry consists of two sets of menus to choose from, one is the “Chef’s Tasting”; which consists of meat and seafood items and the other one is “Tasting of Vegetables” for vegan food lovers along with wines (Red or White) and Spirits.

So, for justifying my subheading following is the roughly estimated prices for your unique dining at French Laundry: For a single person to have fine dining he or she should have filled their pockets with 500 dollars. This is so because the food, maybe the vegan or non-vegan one for a single person will cost around 350 dollars.

Also, to experience a full-fledged elite dinner wine should be a part of it costing 100 dollars per bottle. And, along with glasses, it will cost a person around 145 and 135 dollars respectively as per their desire for a red or white one. So, through the breaking up of the menu, we got it that 500 dollars is the minimum you should be having.

A Place for the Magnates and the foodies

Now, after resolving your queries, let’s move on to know more about the restaurant. So, French Laundry is one of the attractions for rich people consisting of Celebrities, Politicians, Businessmen,

and the people who belong to the average package of minimum 3 Lakh Dollars and maximum can go up to whatever limits.

This is so because as previously mentioned, a single person should be having 500 dollars minimum, so if that person is inviting some of his or her friends or colleagues or relatives or maybe some elite people, obviously that person should be having a deep pocket.

Magnate people like Gavin Christopher Newsom, an American Politician, and Businessman, who is the 40th Governor of California, serving since 2019 January and London Breed, again she is an American Politician who is serving as the 45th Mayor of the city and the country San Francisco since June 2018, were seen dining at the French Laundry and experiencing the elite and unique service.

“I am on a Seafood Diet, I see food and I eat it”, for the foodies out there. This will definitely tempt you to go and dine on the awesome seafood of French Laundry.

Why opt for dining at French Laundry?

Okay, so Food is the love of their life for a lot of people, Right. A lot of you out foodies will go to any extent to try out different cuisines from various corners of the world.

Some of you would be having the profession of trying out different cuisines to let know the people from different places about the awesome food and beverages also the services about a particular eating place. So, yes French Laundry will let you experience that awesomeness in their food presentations and services.

But, since already mentioned that the French cuisine providing restaurant is genuinely for the people with deep pockets, one should definitely go there at least once in their lifetime to make yourself feel good, unique, and elite.

To dine in the restaurant or get delivered with the awesome food- which one is better?

As we all know that due to the ongoing pandemic lots of people have definitely gone through a lot of tragic things. Some of them have definitely possessed the virus and emerged back after fighting with it and some of them were not able to do so.

The Government of every country out there has restricted people from gatherings as low as possible. Due to this people are not able to get their mates along with them to have a dinner date or maybe any other place to have fun.

But, slowly the restrictions are reduced now so that people could get back to their daily routines and fun a little bit. So. as a foodie I would definitely suggest having fine dining at the French Laundry if you are one of Richie Rich’s list and if are not make yourself one of them to experience the love for food in an awesome manner if you are a real foodie.

Getting food delivered in our house is definitely much relaxing and comfy. But to have that elite experience one should definitely visit the restaurant once.

But please keep in mind to have the precautionary measures to avoid getting affected by Covid-19. Guys, be safe, and keep your surroundings safe!!

For the people who love cooking as compared to eating

” Once you understand the foundations of cooking- whatever kind you like, whether it’s French or Italian or Japanese- you really don’t need a cookbook anymore”-Definitely Thomas Keller being the owner of the Elite Restaurant provides beautiful knowledge about food and cooking.

I think once you get there, after experiencing the goodness of Thomas Keller’s food and services you would definitely start loving food more and maybe jumping on to cooking to be a really good chef because:

“When we start cooking for others, loving the food we make for them, makes us much happier than eating the food alone.”

Also, it enables us to make really good relations with the people, because a tired person arriving at your eatery will fill your heart with lots of love and blessings if you could just satisfy his or her stomach with a bowl or plate full of deliciously appetizing food.