The World Is Full Of Monsters With Friendly Faces And Angels Full Of Scars- All You Need Is To Identify Them, To Be A Part Of This World.

Okay, let’s start with an old saying for today’s world that is

” People were created to be loved, and things were created to be used. The reason the world is in turmoil is that things are being loved, and people are being used”.

What made me choose the preferred heading for today’s world?

The reason behind my heading was to come up with the people’s faces as a monster as well as an angel. A lot of people in our world have to sometimes face the monstrous part of a particular person and sometimes the angelic part.

See, a lot of people out there have different kinds of experiences in their daily life. Some have to face such situations in which they feel like the whole world is behind them only to use them up.

And some people do get the opportunity to meet the angels still present in our universe. Now, the question arises how do we even identify them?

We can’t just look at someone’s face and judge that what are their intentions towards us?

Let us understand the words Monstrous and Angelic in detail.

Do you guys remember your childhood days? Okay, I think that is really a silly question to ask. Of course, you guys do remember. Who can forget those cheerful days with our lovely parents, grandparents, and the notorious yet lovely siblings?

Now you guys must be thinking as to how in between, our childhood days jumped in the detailing of the words Monstrous and Angelic. So, the answer to your query is that I would like to detail the things from the beginning.

By beginning, I mean from the stories which our grandparents used to tell us. If you remember, our grandparents used to tell us stories which always had a happy ending.

May it be a story of a prince and a princess, or sisters and brothers parted when they were born due to war, or any other difficult circumstances, or may it be a story about any fantasy world.

All ended on a happy note. Everything parted at the beginning and it ended with the meeting up of everyone and living happily ever after. Sounds so sweet, Right?

Things that I learned from those childhood stories and Grandparent’s teachings:

I remember some of the stories narrated by my grandparents and some which I read after I was able to, they all taught us how to be good to the world and you will get back all good things in return.

Obviously, God is with you. And don’t ever be mean to anyone in your life. If ever someone is unkind to you or behave inappropriately, try to teach them how to be good rather than responding in the same way.

The stories and our elder’s teachings taught us that if we also behaved in that certain way they did, there will be no difference between me as a person and them.

Our world: Totally different from those fantasy worlds with beautiful endings, rather cruel or brutal or rough endings.

As kids, we used to accept everything our elders used to teach us. Whether it was about feeding us fruits or green leaves by fooling us or maybe telling us not to fight with anyone even if they behaved improperly.

Slowly when we entered the different stages of our life, we got to know the different faces of people. The starting was with the person whom we considered our best friends.

Common a lot of you will agree that to get that one beautiful creature as our best friend for life we had to go through a lot of friendship breakups. And one day we get that crazy yet the most lovely person whom we can say as soul sister or brother.

When we had gone through those friendship breakups, we had realized that the main factor between any two-person to have a strong bond is trust. It goes, and it also takes away the person with it.

Then we get into the graduation period where we meet our love partners and again we face the trust issues which again breaks the heart of a lot of people.

These were some glimpses from the levels of life which taught us that “trust” is the only word that binds any two-person and it plays a vital role in all kinds of relationships, sometimes even more important than love.

Examples where the word “Trust” is just a toy for lots of people:

We have seen in the previous paragraphs, that the word” trust” plays a vital role in our personal lives. Be it in the friendship zone or the love zone.

Now, these are the zones that, of course, break us but, some people in our life definitely fill that place, and we move on. But the sweet-faced people with a monstrous heart can be found in the workplace too.

The Monsters with friendly faces in our Educational field as well as workplaces

Students facing cheating issues in their educational period

We often get to hear in the news that a medical seat or engineering seat was snatched by a worthy student by some MLA’s child or a child of some Biggie, just by providing a donation.

Think of that student who has worked day and night to get that seat just because even coming from a poor family they dreamt big. A lot of students lose their lives to unable to fulfill their parent’s dreams.

 At workplaces

Just imagine a person got a new job based on his or her hard work in the studies and skills they learned for the job profile. After that, they work enthusiastically to keep up to the mark in the organization.

When the time comes for some appraisal or promotion, instead of the worthy person, someone else gets that promotion. Why? Because rather than working day-night they just licked the boots of their seniors.

An example of how people get used: Everyone has heard the name of Uber. I recently got through an Ex-employee’s post that how he and some of his colleagues got used up.

They had a really good performance in a short period of time: After they had earned a lot, some corporates from Uber called them to appreciate them for their outstanding performance.

Having very high expectations of even getting some incentives they went there: They obviously appreciated them verbally and asked about the ways that made them earn so well and become the best performer.

After knowing the ideas they told them to go: They crushed their dreams. They just called them up to get the skills they possessed so that they can teach those to other drivers and earn more.

Also, they reduced the pay scales of those best performers: In the end, they have to leave the job. Now, one thing at the last mentioned by the Ex-employee which shows he was a good person by heart, angelic.

He mentioned that based on some cruel people we cannot say that all corporates of that organization were the same. He has met some wonderful corporates, who were really helpful.

Final Conclusion:

See, guys this world is full of people who are just ready to eat you up and some who are there to save you from those scavengers. I know it is tough to identify anyone just in the first meeting.

Being a part of this puzzling, world my suggestion would be, rather than depending on anyone, to believe in yourself. Obviously, we need friends and partners to make our life beautiful.

But trust me, if you are really true to yourself, you will definitely get the best humans in your life. Also, don’t let anyone take away your thing if you were the more worthy of getting it.

Because the world is full of foragers, and they don’t feel anything about anything. So, I am not telling you guys to be like them, but be the Hunters who can drop them down by their good values and courage as weapons.